About Siem Reap

(FEB) The Giant Puppet Project

(Photos by: The Giant Puppet Project) The Giant Puppet Project: A Spectacular Display of Art and Community in Siem Reap The Giant Puppet Project in Siem Reap stands as a remarkable annual event that illuminates the city with creativity, culture, and community spirit. This unique project, established in 2007, is not just a festival but a significant...

(FEB) Maternal and Health Day

Maternal and Health Day in Siem Reap: Advocating for Well-being and Care Maternal and Health Day in Siem Reap, observed annually, marks a significant day dedicated to raising awareness and promoting activities focused on maternal and general health care. This day reflects the community's commitment to improving health standards, providing...

(MAR) River Festival

(Photos from 7th River Festival 2023 in Kompong Thom)(Photos by: Ministry of Tourism) River Festival in Siem Reap: Celebrating Cambodia's Lifelines The River Festival, returning to Siem Reap for its 8th iteration in 2024, is a vibrant celebration that highlights the cultural, environmental, and economic significance of Cambodia's rivers....

(MAR) International Women's Day

Empowering Voices: International Women's Day 2024 in Siem Reap International Women's Day, celebrated globally on March 8th, holds a special significance in Siem Reap, Cambodia, marking a day of advocacy, celebration, and reflection on the achievements and ongoing challenges faced by women. In 2024, Siem Reap is set to commemorate this important day...

(APR) Khmer New Year & Angkor Sankranta

(Photos by: Siem Reap Tourism Club & Siem Reap Provincial Tourism Department) Celebrating April: Khmer New Year & Angkor Sankranta in Siem Reap April in Siem Reap is a time of vibrant celebration as the city comes alive with the festivities of the Khmer New Year and the Angkor Sankranta. These events mark a time of joy, cultural pride, and...

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