(FEB) The Giant Puppet Project
Posted 25 January 2024

(Photos by: The Giant Puppet Project)

The Giant Puppet Project: A Spectacular Display of Art and Community in Siem Reap

The Giant Puppet Project in Siem Reap stands as a remarkable annual event that illuminates the city with creativity, culture, and community spirit. This unique project, established in 2007, is not just a festival but a significant community arts initiative, bringing together children, artists, and the local community to create something truly spectacular.

This project's primary focus is on the children of Siem Reap, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Workshops are conducted where children learn the art of puppet-making under the guidance of local and international artists. These workshops become a platform for creativity, education, and cultural exchange, empowering the children and giving them a voice through art.

The culmination of this project is a grand street parade featuring giant puppets, some towering as high as four meters. These puppets, created from lightweight materials, are lit from within and carried through the streets of Siem Reap at night, creating a magical spectacle. The themes of the puppets range from endangered species and environmental conservation to Cambodian cultural and historical figures, reflecting both the local heritage and contemporary issues.

The Giant Puppet Project 2024 is Happening on 24th February 2024

Major Programs of The Giant Puppet Project:

Puppet-Making Workshops: Engaging children in the creative process of building giant puppets.

Educational Themes: Focusing on topics like wildlife conservation, cultural heritage, and social issues.

Community Participation: Involving local NGOs, schools, and businesses in the project.

The Night Parade: A vibrant procession showcasing the completed puppets through the city.

Cultural Performances: Featuring traditional Cambodian music and dance during the parade.


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