(APR) Khmer New Year & Angkor Sankranta
Posted 23 January 2024

(Photos by: Siem Reap Tourism Club & Siem Reap Provincial Tourism Department)

Celebrating April: Khmer New Year & Angkor Sankranta in Siem Reap

April in Siem Reap is a time of vibrant celebration as the city comes alive with the festivities of the Khmer New Year and the Angkor Sankranta. These events mark a time of joy, cultural pride, and renewal in Cambodia.

Khmer New Year, locally known as "Choul Chnam Thmey," which means "Enter New Year," is celebrated in mid-April, coinciding with the end of the harvest season. It's a time when families gather, homes are cleaned and decorated, and people visit temples to offer food to monks and to pray for a prosperous year ahead.

Angkor Sankranta, organized by the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC), is held concurrently to celebrate the Khmer New Year in the Angkor Archaeological Park. This event showcases a splendid array of traditional Cambodian games, cultural performances, and cuisine, drawing both locals and tourists to the heart of Cambodia's heritage.


Major Programs of Khmer New Year & Angkor Sankranta:

  1. Traditional Games and Sports: Such as tug-of-war, Bos Angkunh (a game played with seeds), and Khmer chess.
  2. Cultural Performances: Classical Apsara dancing, shadow theatre, and folk music.
  3. Food Festival: Featuring an array of traditional Khmer dishes and street food.
  4. Art Exhibitions: Showcasing Cambodian arts and crafts, including silk weaving and pottery.
  5. Religious Ceremonies: Buddhist rituals, including water blessings and monk offerings.
  6. Parades and Processions: Colorful parades showcasing Cambodian folklore and history.
  7. Firework Displays: Spectacular fireworks that light up the night sky over Angkor Wat.

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